Hello everyone! In case you haven't guessed I'm a huge pokemon fan I reblog almost anything pokemon related along with anime I like along with just funny and outrageous things. And never hesitate to hit me up especially if you have a question(especially if it's about pokemon thanks and see ya around!

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All legendary Pokémon, minus Diancie, Volcanion and Hoopa! Because I completely forgot about them hahaha…

Originally this was going to be some glorious digital painting all dramatic-like and have multiple backgrounds showing the locations each legendary is found.


I am so burnt out on this, so…. enjoy a simpler version of it. :’D

(I also reused a drawing I did of the Sinnoh legends I did a long time ago, and that Rayquaza drawing I did a while ago *SOB*)

(via pokemon-parfait)


hmm i never uploaded these on tumblr…

crops/wips for my pkmn travel project!

(via bulba-bulba)

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